From Chairman’s Desk

La Medica Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is a young and dynamic pharmaceutical group company in India. Our company was introduced with a thought to be a Humane, Progressive and Professional organization that stands for to Care for Better Health.

La Medica’s mission & vision is clear & achievable. The core competency of our group lies in marketing pharmaceutical products across India. We are in the business of healthcare, so to help alleviate human suffering is our prime objective. Therefore, every product we produce, ensures quality, efficacy, safety at an affordable cost.

At La-Medica, we follow an open and transparent culture where people are encouraged to present and implement their opinions and ideas. Our duty is to find the right talent, give them the right opportunity and always support them”

We will continue to contribute to society as a corporate group which provides a range of pharmaceutical solutions for every situation from illness and care giving, in addition to distinctive pharmaceuticals for each area.

Best Wishes,



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